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5/8.5 Roll Bag

SCAM features the popular herringbone slow side paired with the popular 8.5 fast side. This bag has a roll bias mix fill which is similar to our TRUTH fill with a touch less volume. It will play loose but still feel full in your hand, it will cut and roll with ease in the right hands. If you are looking for slide fill SLYPS is the bag you want! 

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New Release

Blossom Series

The Blossom Series bringing traditional beauty to our lineup. 

All Models will have the same font as pictured clone with their respective names. 

Abyss and Oaks backs are pictured they have the same front design!

Osiris will have the seafoam fabric color which is complimentary to the design.

All Herringbone bags will have a blue action fabric!

Pictures of each model will be uploaded as they are built!

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New Release


The DB Collab is available in all series and Colors!

All Action Fabric is Grey

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New Release

OSIRIS Logo Series

Osiris Logo Series the bag everyone wants!

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New release



OSIRIS a hybrid Action Fabric Bag, the slow side plays slower then Clones but still has the forgiveness of Hybrid materials. The Fast side is a 8.75 featuring a softer feel. It is the same fast side used on Slyps. Osiris features roll bias mixed fill which gives the bag more workability Clones. This bag will fit Roll bag players who need to chase bags in the hole but still want to be able to roll and cut. Which means hole chasers will be able to throw these bags and chase them in the hole but can use them when paired with roll bag players who are looking for that workability.




SLYPS is a 5/9 bag with Action, The fill allows the popular herringbone slow side to cut with ease Roll if you know how but still slide right up and in the hole. The fill will produce minimal bounce so landing close to the hole will not bounce over like pure roll fill. The fill mix allows for maximum drip around the hole and the medium fullness makes it a great bag for sneaking around others and catching the back side of the hole. 


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Clone is a Hybrid Action Fabric bag. the slow side is a low kick and likes to speed up when the conditions get moist. the fast side is the same as Oaks a common 9 speed material. the fill is our Hybrid mix fill which utilizes a blend of 3 fill types to give the perfect in hand feel while still maintaining lots of Drip. Tilt bag players will have no problems getting them to roll.

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ABYSS is a 6/9 featuring the popular 9 fast side. the 6 slow side slows to a 5.5/5 in humid conditions making it the perfect slow bag when conditions are too slow for traditional slow bags. The Fill is a slide Bias Hybrid fill which features flats mixed with our roll beads to give extra drip around the hole while still playing true to the board.


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Buy bags through the our site put them on the Podium and follow the rules to get paid and win free stuff. Click the button for all the info

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We ship bags using USPS in most cases.

Bags will ship in 5-7 business days from order date.

Apparel will ship in 5-7 business days from order date

Boards are drop shipped and in most case will ship within 10-14 business days


-Bag returns-

Bag Returns will not be accepted, weather the bags are New or Used. If Bags have Manufacturing defect please refer to Bag Policy.

-Apparel Exchange/Returns-

Apparel returns will only be accepted under the following circumstances.

1. You are the original purchaser with proof of purchase.

2. The item is unused in its original packaging.

3. The item will be Exchanged ONLY for the correct size of the same item originally purchased in same color.

4. You are responsible for all shipping and packaging costs for a size exchange.

Exchange items will ONLY be sent out once Original item is received in conditions described above. And shipping cost have been paid.

Please use the Contact menu for Exchange/Return at the bottom of our home page


Please use the email below for any Bag Manufacturing issues and Apparel exchanges


Break In

Any use of chemicals or break in serums will void all warranties no matter what the purchase date is.

Recommended Break in method is Tap warm water soak while massaging edges of bags, Towel dry to damp, dryer tumble cycle for 1 full cycle with NO HEAT. Remove bags and allow to air dry then throw, throw, throw.

We have found Chemicals will break down and loosen fabric prematurely and in our opinion by the time the fill is broken in the material has become to loose , or weakened causing you to get less play time out of the bags at there prime condition.

Bag Policy

All bags are subject to blemishes and defects in the fabric if they do not affect the integrity of the Bag they will not be replaced. Pulls small white spots due to material shed on certain fabrics is not common but possible and is not considered a defect. We use materials that bring the best performance to the boards some of these materials have a shorter life span than others. We Encourage you to Contact us via Email for any issues or questions about a blemish or manufacturing defect.

-Within 60 days of purchase bags with manufacturing defects will be replaced. under the following conditions.

1. You are the original purchaser with proof of purchase.

2. Defective bag is returned for inspection to confirm defect is from Manufacturing.